Beyond Chocolate: How Cocoa Flavanols Support Health

This was written as part of my paid role in partnership with CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement. All opinions expressed are my own.

You’ve probably heard that dark chocolate has potential health benefits, but chocolate itself is not a health food.

cocoa beans


The perks of eating chocolate on a regular basis – besides it’s great taste – has less to do with the darkness of the chocolate and more to do with the level of cocoa flavanols it provides.

The what?

Cocoa flavanols are beneficial phytonutrients found only in plants. Cocoa contains a unique blend of flavanols that’s unmatched by any other food on the planet. Cocoa flavanols work with your body to maintain healthy levels of nitric oxide, which helps maintain the flow of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, supporting overall health.

So, if you’re eating chocolate to improve your well-being, what you’re really after is the cocoa flavanols in great enough amounts to produce results. But in traditional cocoa processing, which includes fermenting, drying and roasting of beans, many of the flavanols that are naturally present in the cocoa bean are destroyed.

I was a bit surprised to find out that unsweetened cocoa powder, which I have been adding to yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal for years, actually has varying flavanol levels, and that flavanol levels are not listed on the food label so there is no guarantee that they are present in beneficial amounts.

How Many Flavanols For You?

The concentrated cocoa extract in CocoaVia® supplement is made using their patented Cocoapro® process, providing 375 milligrams of cocoa flavanols per serving, which is found in one CocoaVia® stick pack or three CocoaVia® capsules. CocoaVia® supplement supplies the greatest concentration of cocoa flavanols of any cocoa extract supplement today, and numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that these flavanols promote healthy blood flow from head to toe.*

CocoaVia® powdered stick packs can easily be added to milk, hot or cold coffee, juice, sports drinks, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, and iced tea, or used in a variety of recipes.

Right now, I am loving Chilled CocoaVia® Mocha!

Do you use CocoaVia® supplement? What’s your favorite way to enjoy it?

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    • ewardrd says:

      It’s a bit disheartening to learn that the levels of flavanols are all over the place in unsweetened cocoa powder. Dutch process cocoa powder has even fewer flavanols, although you get a smoother taste.

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