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5 No-Diet New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year, and a good time to renew your commitment to healthy eating. Here’s my advice about how to do just that, without taking drastic steps that will derail your vows in a few weeks, or less.  If you want to make improvements, focus on progress, not perfection.

Do. Not. Diet.

Let’s face it: diets suck.

Food is fuel, and you must eat to survive and thrive. Fad diets are tempting, but ignore their false promises, and focus instead on improving your eating pattern for longterm success.

Quitting every favorite food will not fly in the long run. The best way to eat is one that you can live with. As my colleague Shelley Real so aptly puts it, “Eating isn’t cheating.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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Eat to burn more calories.  

We nutrition experts encourage eating whole grains for their fiber, and other nutrients. But did you know that whole grains are also metabolism boosters?

Whole grains include cereals, breads, grains, and popcorn. Eat at least three servings daily, or even better, make all of your grains the whole kind.

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Don’t play the dieting numbers game.

Consider ditching the bathroom scale and the tape measure for good. Constantly taking stock of your weight can be a downward spiral, especially when weight loss doesn’t occur as quickly as you like. Focus on eating better for overall health rather than what your scale and tape measure say.

Stop the body shaming.

So you overindulged during the holidays, or you ate too much and didn’t exercise over the weekend.

So what?

Punishing yourself is pointless, and shame is a useless and harmful emotion that will get you nowhere, and fast.

Good health is not an all-or-nothing endeavor.  Some days, weeks, and months are better than others when it comes to eating and exercising. Each day – each meal, for that matter –  is a new chance to make better choices.

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Stay positive about a better eating plan. 

There are certain phrases I never use, including “fat” (as it relates to body weight), “skinny,” and “clean eating.”  Why? Because they have negative connotations that contribute to a disordered relationship with food.

“Guilty pleasures,” “cheat days,” and “detox” are not on my vocabulary list, either. Hopefully, if you stop using these useless phrases too, you’ll improve your attitude about food.

What are your non-diet goals for the year ahead?

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