Why Walking Is Good Exercise


The other day, I heard an exercise instructor say that walking isn’t really exercise, and it upset me. There’s no reason to disregard any form of physical activity as not “difficult enough.” Working out doesn’t have to be extreme to be beneficial, and walking is worthy of attention for many reasons.

As it turns out, putting one foot in front of the other is harder work than previously thought. A 2016 study shows that walking burns more calories than experts have presumed for decades. I’ll remember that when I’m walking the dog. I log at least 10 miles a week because she needs exercise every day, and it’s tough to resist that face when she’s staring at me, waiting to go!  DSC_0036

In addition to burning calories, which may mean easier weight control, walking has other benefits, including making your brain bigger.  Brains shrink with age, which is not good news for memory, judgement, and coordination.  Research from the UCLA Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh links any type of aerobic exercise, including walking, to a better brain structure and reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

How exercise alters gut health for the better

I don’t know if my brain is expanding when I walk the dog every day, but I do know that it gets me out of the house and away from my desk, and that the rhythmic motion of walking reduces my stress and clears my mind. There is evidence that walking in nature changes your brain for the better.

I love to walk, and there’s no doubt that it’s good exercise. If you haven’t been working out lately, walking is a step in the right direction. If you’ve been doing the same loop for a while, here’s how to take your walking up a notch to make it more challenging.  For good measure, do at least two sessions of resistance training, such as a weights or bands class, each week in addition to walking, to keep your entire body strong.

Now, where are my sneakers?


  1. Love this post! Walking is certainly better than sitting! I also find that even when I don’t plan to, when I take my dog out for a midday walk I tend to figure out problems or have ideas for blog posts. So it indeed exercises my legs as well as my brain.

    P.S. Hooray for calling them “sneakers”! You know you’re from the east coast when… My hubby, an LA native, calls them “tennis shoes.” Drives me nuts!

  2. MacLean ojwang says:

    I have used walking as workouts for as long as I remember and I have managed to maintain 68kgs and an 42 yrs looking and feeling like a teenger.it has worked for me ever since plus aerobics

  3. Great post! Walking is the perfect exercise because we can do it anywhere, anytime without needing to learn a new skill. Thank you so much for this great post and for linking to my book Walking Off The Weight For Dummies!

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