The Benefits of Exercise Buddies

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When your motivation to exercise is low, an exercise partner or an entire group of workout buddies has benefits. Research suggests the company you keep can help you stick with healthier habits.

Exercise Buddies Offer Motivation 

I wake up very early to attend kickboxing or weight training classes, and I often wonder why I do it, especially when it’s cold and dark outside.  While I would love another hour of sleep, the people I work out with motivate me first thing in the morning.  Some of my exercise mates are good friends, but most of them are acquaintances. Whether or not I know them well, they make my life better.

The health benefits of working out with a crowd

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On days when my work outs are more solitary in the gym and there’s no hooting and hollering to energize me, I still feel supported because I am surrounded by people doing the same thing. I don’t always know the details of their lives, and they may not know much about me, but I feel like we are partners in crime, silently cheering each other on.

Exercising with Buddies Helps You Stick to It 

Life often gets in the way of my work outs, and I don’t always exercise as often as I should. Exercising with others helps me to stick to a schedule as much as possible. My buddies make it easier to get back into the swing of things when I’ve been away on business, or sick, and they never fail to make working out more fun!

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How exercise can help you make friends



  1. It is good to exercise and since I am a kid my parents obliged me to do it. I was practicing gym with my daughter when changing her diapers. I am still in size 4 and my daughter size 2. This is good for people who are already fit and eat well for the beginning of their lives. For the others, overweight or obese, it is important to have medical counseling to combine their foods to get a better metabolism to lose weight, burning fat before to start making exercise to protect their vascular system and not force an exercise that can be dangerous. I created a website and a facebook page to deliver the information to eat better to be healthy. I practice Culinary medicine.

  2. Janice Bissex says:

    I have been working out with my friend, Mary, since 1995 when I asked her to join me in running a road race. Makes going to the gym so much more fun!

    • bumpstobaby says:

      I have to agree with you ladies! Working out with friends is a blast and definitely keeps you accountable. Ever since Meme moved to San Diego it’s nice to have a hiking buddy! And E.A. too! If you ever make it out this way, I’d love to hike with you!

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